IDOINE was born 25 years ago with a simple idea in mind: to serve our customers and create for them the right solution that is perfectly adapted to their projects.

Today, Idoine has grown and created its own integrated construction service so that you do not have to choose between the creativity of your project and its technical feasibility.

Three areas of expertise in retail architecture and office development.

Our Promise:

ID – I DO – DONE !


It’s creating a concept for you and carrying out the development work afterwards.
It allows us to anticipate technical solutions from the start of the project, which in return saves time.

That said, it’s YOU that choose which mission to entrust us with, all or just part.
Advice, Creation, Build: It’s your choice!

We speak the same language as you: marketing, creation, technique…each subject has a profile specialised to help:


  • Architects
  • 3D
  • Space-planners
  • Consultants
  • Graphic Designers



  • Site supervisors
  • Economists
  • Project engineers
  • Project Managers


Our approach is pragmatic..
Your workspaces mirror your organisations and ambitions.
Your places of sale are a key to your brand’s experience.
Our consultants analyse your needs and guide you in your strategic choices in programming and in retail.

We organise your workspace taking in to account your future functional and technical needs for the well-being of your employees and the performance of your company.

We support your internal services when setting up new organisations of workspaces (flex
office, hot desking, open space, teleworking…)

Our competences: to advise you, to prepare the scheduling of the tasks that need to be carried out, to draw up specifications for the tendering procedure, to take control of the different steps that are needed to organise the reception of transfers in your new premises.

We perform studies that help take advantage of the qualities and imperfections of your space (ceiling height, lighting, volume, resonance) to optimize the best features.

Your brand is the starting point of the project, from brand audit and point of sale expression, our consultants and graphic designers will provide you with their advice.

We accompany you on all the checks in the pre acquisition phase in order to provide you
with a detailed picture about the state of the property.

We assist you in the phase of programmed development and design, by accompanying you through each step with our skills and methods so you can achieve your goals.


Our concepts are realistic.
Whatever the design mission you entrust to us, we guarantee to achieve two objectives: the creativity of your concept and its technical feasibility. We work WITH YOU in an iterative way, with each step we are here to listen and advise.

Brand creation or a facelift, our graphic designers advise you on graphic trends, visual identity, communication and packaging. Typography, iconography, colours and shapes have no secrets for them!

Our creative interior designers and architects are grouped into 3 areas of expertise: commercial architecture, hotels and work spaces. They deal with the decoration, the users experience, the customers journey and the flows, while respecting constraints that are related to specific places.

Our 3d designers put in place the ideas of our creative team, to help show you your new spaces thanks to their super powers.

A precise work, which our draughtsmen perform with a master hand. In particular, they
ensure the quality of our DD is irreproachable.

Because we are not creative divas, and we understand quickly and well, we will gladly duplicate your concept created by someone other than us!


Our projects are supervised.
Our integrated team will deal with all technical and architectural trade bodies. We ensure the coordination and management of your project up until the keys are placed in your hands. It’s up to you to choose the accompaniment mode that’s right for you.

This global approach helps us to respect deadlines, quality and costs and simplifies the
management of your project thanks to a single interlocutor : Us

Alongside your project manager, we manage the various technical and architectural trade bodies related to your project.

We manage all trade bodies (whether they are the main contractor or separate trade
contractors ) from a construction point of view ( approval of work permits, management deadlines…) and also from a financial point of view ( billing verification…)


25 years of existence, makes strong connections!
In a wide variety of areas, we have developed a real relationship of trust with our clients.


19-21 rue du Bouloi
75001 Paris
+ 33 1 42 06 10 10 / + 33 6 32 59 47 44